3D Models

Have an invention or a floor plan in 2D that you'd like to market? Let us take your plans and create a 3D model which we can then animate and render. You can then view your creation from any angle in any lighting.

Architectural Renderings

For years architects have used 3D mockups of their buildings to present their customers with understandable visuals. These used to be sketches and have since become 3D models generated from CAD programs (Computer Aided Design). As computer processing power has increased, so too has the ability to render (generate into 3D) better 3D models. Some architectural firms are now adding fly-throughs to their list of outputs. Allowing the client to watch videos of what the building will look like from certain angles and with certain light. Our team can help you create a 3D render of any floor plan or design and animate from any angle to produce a better designed architectural project.

Inventions and Products

We can assist inventors in their concept design process by creating a 3D model of their prototype, taking their idea and turning it into a reality. The inventor will then have a detailed model that can be rendered into marketing materials or utilized to have the invention created via a 3D printer or sent to a manufacturer for immediate production. Inventors can use the 3D model we create to look for ways to create improvements on their design, improve functionality and save money in production.

Animation and Lighting

Our 3D design team can provide high end 3D visualizations for all types of media using advanced modeling, texturing and lighting methods. Just like the movies, we can create a 3D model and place it in any environment with realistic lighting and animation, taking your product or service to the next level without the added cost of on-site set shooting and expensive production costs.

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